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Magnetic Entertainment is a full-service recording and production studio providing demo production, song reviews, mixing, and mastering services.


RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum® music producer, “Dizzy Scratch”  (a/k/a Sir Scratch), is back in the booth, reinventing himself for a new decade in the music business.

After leading seminal hip-hop act Main Source, and producing hit after hit for such well-known artists as Nas, Madonna, TLC, the O’Jays, Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, Dizzy Scratch is now shining the light on himself. He’s currently pulling material from his own catalog, hard at work putting the finishing touches on a new EP, The Art of My Noise.

That upcoming EP introduces a new persona, but still reflects Dizzy Scratch’s ingenuity and fluid style. The buoyant attitude that led to his massive success (including 20 Platinum® records as a performer and /or producer) still shines through his new work. Rooted in hip-hop, he builds his tracks from the ground up, crafting shaking beats, booming bass lines, and shimmering electronics.

Despite taking time off to care for his family and improve his skills, Dizzy Scratch’s dedication to music remains constant. Born in Toronto, growing up in Queens, his path through the business has never been predictable, only his success. Early on, it was that success with Main Source that made his dreams of entering the music industry come true. As he learned from that experience, he found that in this fast-paced environment, he could never slow down—and certainly never quit. From there, he applied himself wholeheartedly to music production, and the results are as clear as the sounds he is associated with.

Dizzy Scratch founded Magnetic Entertainment, a full-service recording and production studio providing demo production, song reviews, mixing, and mastering services, as well as a home base for his productions—whether for himself or others. His creative approach is to look inward, tapping into his own musical background for inspiration and direction, and outward, hearing what the industry longs for. He brings these two together with The Art of My Noise, collaborating with multiple artists while introducing his singular vision to the mainstream as his multi-platinum resume precedes him.

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